Archiv vom Mai 14th, 2006

Who would have guessed: I have already stumbled over number four. It is a bit skewed and somewhat low on contrast, but oh well.



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Ich glaube, ich habe einen Ent gesehen.


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Stephanie has announced a new contest: take (and post) ten photographs, each depicting one of the numbers one to ten. However, the goal is not to simply photograph things that are meant to be numbers — instead, you should look for a crack in the pavement, a peculiar shadow, or other shapes that just happen to resemble a number.
Oh, dear. This is going to be much harder than the 30 Day Photo Challenge. To make things worse, almost half of the time of the challenge (May) is already over.
Anyway, I am unable to stay away from this (again), so here goes number one, err, number three:

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