Thirteen Peaks of Gö

One day, Ryan Sandes of Cape Town had the idea

to link up some of my favourite peaks on Table Mountain and in the Cape Peninsula area,

and thus the 13 Peaks Challenge was born.
Göttingen isn't Cape Town, and our peaks are mere hills, often hidden beneath the trees. But still, this is about a backyard adventure, and our landscape has its own beauty, so why not do something similar?

Here's the list of peaks:

  1. Kleperberg (327m)
  2. Hainberg (315m)
  3. Sauberg (391m)
  4. Drakenberg (368m)
  5. Totenberg (398m)
  6. Mackenröder Spitze (427m)
  7. Haspelberg (238m)
  8. Langenberg (297m)
  9. Hengstberg (415m)
  10. Kronenberg (388m)
  11. Lengderburg (383m)
  12. Westerberg (340m)
  13. Drachenberg (241m)

The route is about 46km with +1200m vertical, so it's much more accessible than the original, but still quite a mouthful if you want to do it in one go.

Download the preliminary gpx track: projekt13-prelim.gpx

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