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I have finished the 30 Day Photo Challenge. It has been an interesting and somewhat strange time.

I have started looking at the world with different eyes, seeing many interesting things and, well, pictures that I would not have noticed before. After the first few days, when all the obvious pictures were taken, I became a bit nervous: how should I find something interesting the next day, and the day after that? But I soon discovered that I need not worry as something will present itself in time. I like to think that I preserved a bit of this more relaxed attitude for other (and perhaps more important) situations.

The only negative experience is the somewhat unexpected fact that I do not take more photos after the contest than before — I probably take even less now.

I hope to change that again, though.

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This is a really weird contraption. At first glance, it looks like a sword rammed into the ground, but upon closer inspection, it turns out that the blade has a circular cross-section and two strange bulges — the whole thing looks more like an umbrella. But then again, who would create a monument of an umbrella?

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Tonight, I experimented with different sensor speeds, and since even with the fastest setting I still needed exposure times of around one second, I went back to a slower setting and longer exposure.
All I had to rest the camera on was a bench, so I had to rotate the resulting panorama quite a bit. The stitching could definitely be improved, as well. Still, I am quite satisfied.

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