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By now, we have been back home for two and a half weeks, so maybe I should start showing a few pictures. We have been at the west coast of Jutland, enjoying the landscape, visiting a few towns, and of course being lazy.

It has been nice, and dark, and cold. Oh well, not that dark; but nonetheless you do notice when the day is shorter by a quarter of an hour at each end. Around here[1], it won't be that short until Christmas. It has not been really cold, either: not as cold as Scandinavia should be. Truth be told, it has been quite warm, almost ten degrees centigrade. However, the wind blowing ceaselessly from the North Sea made us feel much colder.

A few years ago (I seem to be getting old: it has been some ten years), I travelled to Finland via Zealand. This year, I got the same impression as back then: the landscape and the buildings pose an interesting mixture of Sweden or Finland on the one hand and Northern Germany on the other.

Last time, I did not have the chance to hear much Danish; but this time, I noticed something quite similar: if someone with Low German background speaks Swedish, I should expect something quite similar to Danish.

I enjoyed the week very much, and the only thing a may complain about is just that: two weeks would have been better.
[1] Around here means central Germany, at the latitude of Calgary.

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