watcher.jpegA long time ago, when the years were longer than they are now, there was a Watcher. It was the month of Darkfrost, and the sun would barely show above the horizon even at midday.

It was not midday now; in fact, it was night, and the only things to be seen were a few barren trees on the plain, and the glittering stars above. The stars were strange, for they had not yet settled into the shapes we know today. The wind blew ceaselessly over the hard-packed soil, whistling between some rocks.

The Watcher huddled close to the wall of the old fortress, that he might find some shelter from the wind. But he took comfort in the knowledge that behind the ridge he was facing, only a little over a day's march away, there was a house; there was a fire on the hearth, and his wife and children at supper.

The Watcher squared his shoulders and took up his round again.


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von kirjoittaessani

3 Responses to “Türchen”

  1. cassiopeia Says:

    Schöööön 🙂 Vielen Dank für das Adventskalendertürchen!

  2. sid Says:

    wirklich schön und mal was ganz anderes!

  3. kirjoittaessani Says:

    @cassiopeia: Oh, gerne.

    @sid: Das freut mich 🙂