Archiv vom September 30th, 2006

Kommt ein Stöckchen geflogen…

5 things I want but don't have:

  • A mökki in the middle of nowhere Finland
  • A piano
  • Time to read (more than a few pages a day, that is)
  • Someone to wake up with
  • The next book by Neal Stephenson

5 things I don't want but have:

  • Promises unfulfilled
  • Presents ungiven
  • The wish to get up before sunrise while still staying up late
  • A full waste-bin
  • Eleven days to pass till we four meet again

5 things I don't want and don't have:

  • Sabine Töpperwien's job
  • A microwave
  • A TV set
  • A car
  • An appreciation for parmesan

5 people who haven't done this but should:

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