Unpleasant: night after night, your machine keeps deleting your laboriously developed code. Convenient: everything is in a local git repository, and any point in time may be reconstructed. Strange: not only has the code disappeared, but all traces of its history as well.

In the past few months, I have spent an hour or two almost every week to find the leak. Today, I have met with success:

In the normal fast-forward case the behavior remains unchanged. However, now local modifications and commits will be erased, and upstream rewrites are handled smoothly.  This ensures that the upstream
branch is tested as expected.

Argh! What bally idea is that? I would like to decide for myself what I want to test, thank you very much. If I really want to test Upstream, I will create a branch for that purpose. It is not up to some piece of software to decide in my place, and then remove my code from the repository!

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