Archiv vom Juli 21st, 2009


The certificate could not be verified for unknown reasons. Could someone kindly tell me what that is suposed to mean? How on earth does a web browser -- or its programmer -- figure it should reject a certificate, but remain silent as to its motivation? Now, do not tell me it does not know. In order to accept a certificate, certain tests need to be conducted. You probably want to calculate a hash value or two, compare domain names, and verify the certificate has been signed by someone trustworthy.

If the computer eventually says no, that is not due to a tingling in the back. Rather, the certificate is rejected because one of the tests has failed; and a this place in the program, it is exactly known which test failed, so why not tell the user? Otherwise, the problem is pretty hard to fix, so most people probably just click ignore. In that case, I can just as well do away with support for certificates: they only work when the user understands what is going on and heeds error messages.

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